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As you can see below, I'm into a lot of different types of racing.
1996 - ran a drivers school and two Solo 2 events in my E-Stock 1995 Honda Civic (with automatic). Then played golf all year.
1997 - 4 events in the Honda and the rest of the year in a C-Stock 1985 Mazda RX7 GSL-SE
1998 - 1995 Toyota Celica ST, FP track record with MC at BHF's, 1st in Milw Pro, 1st in Cendiv H-Stock, 3rd in HS at Nats. Started building a Spec RX7 for road racing over the winter.
1999 - Still in the Celica, 1st in Milw Pro, 1st at Nats, 1st in Milw Region Spec RX7 and rookie of the year. Bought a 91 Firebird Fomula for FS but we didn't like the gearing so I sold it.
2000 - Back in the Celica but moved to ES, 1st in Milw Pro, 1st at Nats, 1st in Milw Region Spec RX7 and Cendiv Regional Champ series.
2001 - Sold the Spec Rx7 and bought a shifter kart to run F125 but had motor problems through out the year, ended up running the Celica in ES, 1st in Milw Pro, 1st in Cendiv, 9th at Nats a few days after 9/11.
2002 - Bought a 94 MR2 to run in ES, 1st in Milw Pro, 3rd at Nats.
2003 - Spun a bearing in the MR2 motor at the Peru Pro (low oil), bought a 93 MR2, 1st in Milw Pro, 1st at Nats, 1st in ES Pro Solo, ran few Spec Miata races in a rented car (Frosty).
2004 - 1st in Milw Pro, 1st in WAI Pro, 1st in Pro Solo and Nats but DSQ'd due to having the front strut top from the 94 on the 93. Won an ITA race in the rain at BHF's in one of George Kofman's Spec Miata's, (Blue Thunder)
2005 - 1st in Milw Pro, 1st in WAI Pro, 3rd at a rainy Nats. Finished mid-pack at a Spec Miata racine at VIR. Sold MR2.
2006 - Bought a C4 Corvette to run in AS, 1st overall in Milw, 2nd in WAI, 1st at Nats. Denise won ASL for her first National title.
2007 - 2nd in Milw Pro, 1st in WAI Pro, 5th in AS at Nats.
2008 - Drove Del Long's Lotus 7 clone to 1st in DM at Nats, Denise drove Tracy Ramsey's DP MR Spyder to 1st in DML at Nats. Bought another shifter kart for F125 locally.
2009 - Took 1st in AS and 3rd overall in Pro Solo, 1st in DM at Nats, Denise took 1st in ASL in our Vette. Won F125 locally in Milw region while Ryan won FJA, sold his Jr kart.
2010 - Denise took first in DML, I took 1st in DM and was named Driver Of Eminence at Nats. Locally I won the Wuesthoff award and F125 in Milw region with Ryan sharing the kart. Sold Vette & kart to buy Del's Lotus 7 DM car.
2011 - GY tire shortage year, took 2nd in DM but Denise took 3rd in DM open class!
2012 - Took 1st in DM but Denise missed the last DM trophy by 2 tenths.
2013 - Del Long, Mike Tews and others helped me fix a broken steering link before my last run and managed to eek out another DM Nats win. Denise took 1st in DML..
2014 - Took 2nd at Nats in part due to rear suspension issues and Denise managed to get the last trophuy spot in open class. Took first in Milw overall standings.

The Milwaukee Region page has links to past local and national results. Pictures can be found at the Perry Bennett, GotCone and Andy Seipos websites.

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1985 Rx7 GSL-SE
1985 Mazda RX7 GSL-SE

1995 Toyota Celica
1995 Toyota Celica ST

1983 Mazda RX7 GSL
1983 Mazda RX7 GSL

1991 Firebird Formula
1991 Pontiac Formula Firebird 350

Shifter Kart
1997 Tony Kart

Toyota MR2
1994 Toyota MR2

Ryan's 1996 Emmick/Briggs kart

Spec Miata
1990 Spec Miata

Toyota MR2
1993 Toyota MR2

Spec Miata
1992 Spec Miata

Car fleet pic
Took a picture before dismantling the Toyota fleet.

Car fleet pic
Both MR2's and the original Celica are gone. Replaced with an Outback and 328i.

Corvette pic
The new autocross ride is an 89 Corvette.

Corvette pic
We've since fixed the LR shock.

Ryan's Kart pic
Ryan moved up to a World Formula motor.

F125 Kart pic
2005 Haase Future F125.

Sprinto 7 pic
Del Long's 2002 Sprinto 7 runs in D-Mod.

Sprinto 7 pic
Lotus 7 clone
Sprinto 7 pic
2014 pic

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